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scheppach: quality through processes optimization

As a worldwide acting manufacturer and supplier we strive for producing high-quality and functional products. We work to constantly optimize our machines and offer our customers the best working results. Last year we introduced about 150 product developments and improvement, and submitted many patents. In addition, our products feature the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.



Made in Germany

Today many of our woodworking machines, such as panel sizing saws, precision table saws, band saws and log saws are still manufactured in our modern plant, which is equipped with laser devices, welding robots and power-coating facilities to ensure the highest production quality. Outputs are then assembled by highly-skilled workers in employee-friendly ergonomically-designed workplaces to guarantee a worldwide-renowned long-lasting reliable premium product.

Our further brands

Besides the brand scheppach, which was registered in 1927, we also own further established brands:
In 2005, under the brand name Woodster , we introduced a special product portfolio for DIY-stores and discounts. This decision was successful and contributed to the development of the company group.
KITY is a long-established brand name. After its acquisition in Alsace in 2004 the brand maintained its original name. KITY’s operational activities have been internally integrated.
Brand name IXES, which you can find at selected retailers, belongs to the scheppach group too.

"Private Label"
We supply many international DIY chain stores and discounters with our products. There you can find machines from our factory with a “private label”. Currently, our products are sold to our customers worldwide with more than 40 brand names.
All brands are a proof of quality and top service.

Buy scheppach’s special items online

If you are looking for economical high-quality woodworking machines or tools, have a look in our online shop. There you can buy quality products such as remaining stock, promotional goods and exhibits at a very low price, which will be delivered directly to you in a short time. In addition, as our customer you will also benefit from the competent consulting of our sales team.

The benefits of scheppach’s online shop:

  • The most competitive prices
  • Proofed original goods
  • Direct purchase from the manufacturer scheppach
  • Cheap and fast delivery
  • Direct consultation from the manufacturer
Should you not be satisfied with your order or experience any inconvenience – e.g. damage during the delivery - you can send your machine back to us without additional costs. In case of minor technical faults or defects your product will be repaired; otherwise you will get another one.
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