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Scheppach on the fast track

Scheppach on the fast track

Ichenhausen, 30th May 2018 – For 15 years the scheppach group has been growing rapidly and continuously. In March 2018, by the end of the previous financial year 2017/2018, scheppach achieved a surge in sales revenues of approximately 26%, reaching an overall turnover of 155,8 million euro. With this result, the global manufacturing and trading company has expanded its position among its competitors in the industry segment and today it is an established partner of specialist traders, DIY stores and discounters.
‘Thanks to a tremendous team performance we could achieve our goals and increase our budget figures. We owe our success to the full involvement of our staff: the close cooperation between the sales department and service department in accordance with our strategy and our straightforward processes has been the key to our success and this will ensure a continuous further development. ‘said Stephan W. Müller, CEO of the scheppach group.
The new fiscal year 2018/2019 has started and the Swabian middle-sized company is ready to pursue its goals. The product segments are being extended and new ideas are in the pipeline. The introduction of IT-based procedures will guarantee more efficient processes, as well as an automated order management. Moreover, the company logistics system is adapting to the growing demands of the booming E-Commerce market, whereas the sales department will keep on advising customers in a successful way to improve sales performance. The company has already set the course of further growth: some major contracts have been acquired and the volume of orders once again established a record.
For many years scheppach has been a growing enterprise in the German midmarket. Every year the company offers attractive jobs for workers and trainees and looks forward to welcoming new ambitious employees striving for thrilling challenges in a dynamic environment.
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Scheppach belongs to the best medium-sized companies in Bavaria 296

Scheppach on the fast track

The scheppach group grew by 26% over the previous year 288