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Stromgenerator SG1000 scheppach
Stromgenerator SG1000 scheppach
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Power generator SG1000 scheppach - 1.6HP

Order No:5906218901

Become completely independent from the electricity network! Thanks to the scheppach SG1000 63 cm³ generator, you will never run out of electricity, wherever you are. Equipped with a 230 V socket for powering lots of appliances, this tool has a max. Power output of 700 W making it ideal for camping, hunting or fishing. In addition, the large tank capacity of 4.2 Liters guarantees a long running-times before needing to refuel.

  • 63 cc, 2-stroke petrol engine
  • 700 W max. power output 650 W continuous output
  • The AVR control (voltage regulator) provides for a stable output
  • Light and portable
  • Standard 230 V socket with overload circuit breaker
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet, carry handle and recoil starter
fuel_tank_capacityfuel tank volume4l
machine_heightmachine height325mm
machine_lengthmachine length415mm
machine_widthmachine width340mm
mass_grossmass gross18,84kg
mass_netmass net17,26kg
number_of_230_v_socketsnumber of 230 V sockets1
number_of_400_v_socketsnumber of 400V sockets0
compressor oil SAE 5W-40
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engine hand pump
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