Scheppach’s long success story

From Niederraunau to the world

scheppach was established in 1927 with the name of its founding family. In the course of the years the company became a woodworking machinery specialist and enlarged its range of machines and accessories.
Company reframed at the turn of the new millennium and today, in the 2015 / 2016 fiscal yard, with about 184 employees it generates an annual turnover of about 106 million Euros (60% from export). Over the past years we only managed to reach double-digit annual growth-rates.

The most important stages of scheppach’s successful history

1927 Company establishment with agricultural machines and firewood circular saws in Niederraunau near Krumbach by Josef Scheppach (1887 - 1974)

1950 Acquisition of the company by the sons Fritz and Josef
1961 Company moved to the current headquarters in Ichenhausen (first plant)
Mid of the 70s Disengagement from the agrucultural machinery sector and focus on woddworking
1980 Company expanded with the startup of the second plant
1997 Acquisition of the company by Ernst Pfaff (managing partner)
2000 Introduction of the product line `professional
2003 Reorganization and restructuring
2004 Acquisition of the French company Kity S.A.S.
2005 Establishment of the subsidiary company Woodster GmbH and beginning of sales activities in DIY stores and discounts
2007 Relaunch of the product line `professional
2008 Introduction of compressors
2009 Product line extension through construction machines
2010 Introduction of battery devices and power toolsn
2014 Introduction of the product line `garden
2015 Establishment of the subsidiary company Scheppach SARL in France and of the subsidiary company scheppach Pty. Ltd. in Australia
2016 Start of construction of the new administration offices on a surface of about a 1000 m² in Ichenhausen

scheppach today: products for professionals and DIYers

Woodworking machines dominated scheppach’s portfolio for over 70 years. Since 2005 we have added the following product categories:
  • Compressor
  • Construction machines
  • Generators
  • Battery devices
  • Power tools
  • Garden machines

Recently we have introduced chain saws, blowers, lawn mowers, line trimmers and hedge trimmers to offer multiple solutions for garden care. Our products feature electrical, gasoline or battery-driven engines..

We have solutions for inspired amateurs, professionals and DIYers to reliably meet the most diverse needs. We look forward to further decades of success and hope that you will continue to accompany us along this route.