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Chain and rope hoists lighten the work - in the truest sense of the word. Whether in the garage or workshop, a manual chain hoist makes lifting heavy loads easy. It’s even easier with an electrical cable hoist.

Up, up and away


Whether electrically powered or manually with a chain hoist, a device for lifting heavy loads is a useful purchase when you are dealing with large, heavy or bulky objects. A device like this is perfect for lifting, moving, positioning and securing of loads. Depending on the weight and lifting height, either a manual chain hoist or an electric cable winch is more suitable.

These electric power hoists are ideal for all manner of lifting work in Garages or workshops. Lift heavy loads easy and safe.

Max load capacity – 125 kg single cable and 250 kg double cable (HRS250)
Max load capacity – 200 kg single cable and 400 kg double cable (HRS400)
Lifting height – 12 metres single cable and 6 metres double cable