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Scheppach provides support to the Günzburg-based Malteser aid agency

Scheppach, based in Ichenhausen, regularly supports social organisations in the region. For the third time, a donation from Scheppach went to the Children and Youth Hospice Service of the Günzburg-based Malteser aid agency.

Read more 08. April 2022

Scheppach receives Top Job Award 2022

This year, Scheppach GmbH is among those receiving the coveted Top Job Award. This makes scheppach one of the best employers in Germany.

Read more 23. March 2022

New MBS1200 metal band saw

scheppach’s MBS1200 metal band saw can be used in various ways. It can be used hand-held as well as securely mounted on a frame.

Read more 07. March 2022

Heavy Duty Air Filter HDA-14

The scheppach Heavy Duty Air Filter HDA-14 removes hazardous suspended matter up to a particle size of 1 µm from the air.

Read more 28. February 2022

scheppach’s 30 tonne power log splitter

The current heavy weight among scheppach’s metre log splitters is the HL3000G or the HL3000GM, respectively, with a splitting power of 30 tonnes.

Read more 01. February 2022

Ultra Silent – the new 54 dB compressor

With a sound level of merely 54 dB, the HC20Si-Twin makes work easier in various ways.

Read more 17. January 2022

HM305SL sliding cross-cut mitre saw

Work pieces with a width of up to 340 mm can be sawed using the HM305SL sliding cross-cut mitre saw.

Read more 03. January 2022

Christmas at Scheppach

There were plans, hopes and worries, yet the legendary Scheppach Christmas party sadly had to be cancelled after all...

Read more 21. December 2021

Sanding ceilings made easy

scheppach’s 710 Watt DS920X wall and ceiling sander reliably removes leftover paint, adhesive, plaster, wallpaper and putty from ceilings, sloping roofs and walls or roughens varnishes for re-painting

Read more 03. November 2021

The universal circular table saw – the new key component in the workshop

With the HS112-2x, scheppach has included a new circular table saw in its portfolio that has the potential of becoming the new key component in a workshop for DIY experts.

Read more 30. October 2021