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Generators supply you with power wherever you need it: on a building site, in the garden, in the forest, when camping or as an emergency power unit at home. From portable power generators that you can even use to charge sensitive devices such as smartphones and laptops to the powerful generator that even supplies building site tools with high voltage current, we’d like to present you with our comprehensive range here.

Generators for all requirements


Depending on the requirement, you can find petrol generators with different power outputs in our range. Choose the appropriate generator based on the power you need and depending on the number and type of tool that you want to power with the generator’s electricity. The size of the fuel tank also plays a role: the bigger the tank, the longer you can work without interruptions. A good transport setup is useful for bigger models in particular to make transport easier. Small models with a compact build can easily be carried by one person or two people and can be stored requiring little space. Ideal voltage and frequency for high-quality and sensitive electronics such as computers, TVs and fridges can be supplied by inverter generators.

The Scheppach SG2000 Generator can power common major household appliances and power tools, and provide emergency power during blackouts. This unit is a perfect fit for Camping and general Use around the house.

Compact and affordable portable power. When you need to take your power with you, this compact generator is the perfect answer. The Scheppach SG3100 model offers an affordable solution for recreation applications and is sized just right for camping and power tool use.

This petrol powered generator offers a reliable source of electrical power for applications remote from mains electricity. The robust unit is ideal for home, business and industrial use including powering lighting, freezers, power tools and water pumps.