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In order to ensure that it’s cosy by the wood fire in winter, you have to think about producing firewood replenishments in good time. Machines to split and saw firewood have been part of our range since scheppach was founded in 1927. Depending on requirements and preferences, we have horizontal or vertical log splitters with different splitting forced, which can be driven at 230 V, 400 V or using a cardan shaft drive.

Safety first


User safety is an important subject in particular when dealing with big, heavy machinery that works with several tonnes of splitting force. All our saws and log splitters are carefully constructed and comply with the latest safety standards.

The Scheppach HL460 - 4 ton electric log splitter is a great addition to any home. Ideal for the fireplace, wood burning stove and outdoor fire pit.

The time-saving way to split firewood. Scheppach´s log splitter HL730 features 7 tons splitting power for easy and fast operation.

This heavy duty log cutting saw will appeal to country home users where there is an abundant supply of logs as well as commercial operators, especially tree surgeons, landscapers and forestry concerns.