We connect this slogan with more than our products; we also associate GOOD WORKING with ourselves. Good cooperation, health, and a productive working environment are only part of the important values we believe in!

Scheppach GmbH is one of the best employers in Germany

Every year, the Centre for Employer Attractiveness (zeag GmbH) honours the most attractive employers in Germany’s mid-sized sector. They are decided using a scientifically substantiated employee and management survey conducted by St. Gallen University. This year, Scheppach GmbH is among those receiving the coveted Top Job Award. This makes scheppach one of the best employers in Germany. Scheppach stood out with particularly favourable employee feedback in the areas of family-friendliness and demography. The Top Job Seal 2022 was awarded by former Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel as the patron of the prestigious prize.

Scheppach attaches particular value to a long-term relationship with its employees. “We have our committed and motivated employees to thank for the company’s success. They do amazing work and managed to cope exceptionally well with the challenges of the pandemic,” Managing Director Stephan W. Müller says, full of praise. Individual benefit packages as well as attractive personnel development offers and comprehensive health management encourage professionals to stay with the company long-term.

The company’s slogan “Good Working” shapes the daily work routine and, in particular, stands for harmonious co-operation in a productive and informal work environment. The employees’ physical and mental health is particularly important to Scheppach, as exemplified by numerous individual work time models to balance work and family life more effectively, but also the ergonomic design of all work places.