Basic principle

This is what we stand for at scheppach

'GOOD WORKING' is our promise to customers and partners

Our slogan 'GOOD WORKING' stands for premium products with modern equipment and high functionality to guarantee the best working results. 'GOOD WORKING' also means excellent service and close cooperation in a winning team. Last, but not least, 'GOOD WORKING' is the result of an almost 90-year-long experience and of a steady commitment.

Still today we are producing a large part of our log saws and of our woodworking machinery range in the Swabian town of Ichenhausen. Years of manufacturing experience, research and development and a deep knowledge of our machines have helped us improve and, nowadays, we are able to offer our customers a top service and professional consulting.


Our end users‘ philosophy

We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products, and, as our slogan 'GOOD WORKING' claims, we want to obtain better results. By purchasing a scheppach product you will start a professional partnership with us. Indeed, our high-skilled team, with more than 90 years of experience, will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our machines, accessories and tools. We are ready to respond to your needs with a large spare parts warehouse, as well as a well-equipped repair center.

Our partners’ philosophy

We market our own products, as well as our certified suppliers’ ones. Not only do we offer our global partners quality products, but we also provide them with solutions and concepts for efficient product marketing, giving them essential advantages over their competitors:
  • Market expertise and international relationships with our suppliers
  • Thought-through product range and customized solutions
  • Market und competitors analysis and price estimations
  • High warehouse capacity and wide product availability
  • Customer-oriented processes and procedures in order and logistics handling
  • Effective marketing with attractive projects
  • Individual concepts for promotional activities
  • Extensive customer service for partners and end users

Our process philosophy

Our mission is…
…properly comply with customers’ demands and expectations for products and services.
…select the right suppliers involving them in our processes and cooperating with them in the interest of our customers.
... strengthen and support our staff through apprenticeship and in-service training to achieve our goals..
... support, respect and trust our staff to create a motivated and efficient team.
... develop state-of-the-art products, improve them and, at the same time, offer our customers and partners attractive conditions. Therefore all processes along the value chain are automated, standardized and optimized.
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