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scheppach: record turnover and management expansion

On 1st of April, scheppach, located in Ichenhausen, started a new financial year – with another record turnover and a third Managing Director.

As part of extensive restructuring and realignment, the current owner Ernst Pfaff set scheppach on a growth path early in 2000 by converting it from a production-driven company into a sales and service-orientated, internationally active business group. Since then, the development of the scheppach Group has progressed quickly. While turnover was 14 million Euros in 2004, the company is constantly growing, to more than 280 million Euros at present.

Even during the global pandemic, the company managed to continue both its development and a significant growth in turnover. For future tasks and challenges, as of 1st of April, another Managing Director and a second Authorised Representative were added to the current management, previously consisting of the owner Ernst Pfaff, Stephan W. Müller, Managing Director, and Inge Hofmann, Authorised Representative.

After 26 years working for scheppach where he successively took over responsibility for the areas of Sales, Marketing and Purchasing as well as operations in France and crucially contributing to the success of the business group, Mr Serdar Eraslan has now been appointed as the third Managing Director.

Mr Wolfgang Schedel was appointed Authorised Representative as the second new member of the management. Mr Schedel has been working for scheppach for 21 years, developing into an essential part of the company with his responsibilities for Purchasing, Total Quality Management and successful certification.

Strengthened in this way, the reformed management of the scheppach Group will tackle new projects and keep the company on its path of success.

The new management of scheppach: (from left to right) Ernst Pfaff (Owner), Stephan W. Müller (Managing Director), Inge Hofmann (Extended Board Member), Wolfgang Schedel (Extended Board Member), Serdar Eraslan (Managing Director)