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Scheppach GmbH donates urgently needed emergency aids of over EUR 850.000 for earthquake victims in Turkey

Emergency aids left the Scheppach GmbH warehouses on February 13th and 14th heading to the Turkish/Syrian border. In close coordination with the Turkish Consulate General in Munich and the Turkish government in Ankara, urgently needed power generators and heaters were sent on their way. A total of four truckloads with more than 1.300 diesel and inverter generators and 160 large electric heaters are now on their way to the disaster area.


The total value of the emergency aids that Scheppach and its partners have sent to Turkey since the devastating earthquake thus amounts to over 850.000 EUR. For Managing Director Serdar Eraslan, who has Turkish roots himself, the help was a matter of course: "We have to support the people, families and to all the bereaved, who have lost all their belongings, as best we can."


In addition to the continuing assistance to Ukraine - Scheppach is also supporting the people in Turkey to provide access to electricity and heat on-the-spot.