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Scheppach donates to the Children and Youth Hospice Service of the Günzburg-based Malteser aid agency

Scheppach, based in Ichenhausen, regularly supports social organisations in the region. For the third time, a donation from Scheppach went to the Children and Youth Hospice Service of the Günzburg-based Malteser aid agency. This year, a cheque for €7,000 was given to Sylvia-Maria Braunwarth, co-ordinator of the Malteser Family Support and Children and Youth Hospice Service. 

The Maltesers in Günzburg support terminally ill children and young people as well as their families. Depending on the diagnosis as well as the families’ individual needs and requests, the support is designed to maximise quality of life. The support from the Maltesers includes all phases of life, death and mourning, and can last several years. Psychosocial support is also given to families who have lost a parent and where surviving children need special care.

“Supporting this work with our donations is a subject truly close to our hearts. The commitment of Ms Braunwarth and her team, aided by so many voluntary helpers, deserves our utmost respect. We hope that we can make a small contribution with our donations so the different measures for those families during such a difficult time in their lives can be supported,” says Stephan W. Müller, Scheppach CEO.