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The universal circular table saw – the new key component in the workshop

This saw can be used in so many different ways that it must be part of any workshop. The saw blade is integrated in the saw table, meaning it is easier for the user to concentrate on guiding the work piece when cutting or cutting to length, and during angle and mitre cuts. With the right saw blade, a woodworking machine is turned into a unit that can cut both plastic and metal. The power of the machine also plays a crucial role in this. Performance, idle speed and cutting height are central criteria when choosing a suitable circular table saw.

With the HS112-2x, scheppach has included a new circular table saw in its portfolio that has the potential of becoming the new key component in a workshop for DIY experts. 2200 Watts, a saw blade measuring 254 mm and a continuously adjustable cutting height up to 85 mm, plus two speeds – all this makes the HS112-2x a circular table saw with many uses. The two-stage speed control with 3200 and 5000 RPM allows sawing of different materials, such as timber, aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic, chipboard and laminated boards, with minimal breakout. The cutting height and mitre angle can be continuously adjusted using the hand wheel. To ensure precise straight or angled cuts, the circular table saw features a transverse cutting gauge and a parallel stop.