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Ultra Silent – the new 54 dB compressor

So you can enjoy working with a compressor even more in the future, and your fellow occupants’ and neighbours’ nerves are protected, in addition to two new, high-performance silent compressors, scheppach has now included an ultra silent compressor in its range. A compressor that allows conversations at a normal volume during operation.

With a sound level of merely 54 dB, the HC20Si-Twin makes work easier in various ways. With the two compressed air tanks mounted on top of each other, the 750 Watt electric motor positioned above the wheels as a counterweight, as well as a handle, the compressor is designed in a convenient trolley format. This makes the dual-tank compressor not only quiet and powerful but also extremely compact and easy to transport.

The HC20Si-Twin features two pressure gauges, a quick-connect coupling for easy tool replacement, 10 bar working pressure and two pressure tanks with a total volume of 20 litres. A powerful 750 Watt motor fills the 20 litre tank with an intake capacity of 200 L/min quickly. This oil-free compressor is particularly low-maintenance, which saves effort and running costs. Furthermore, its service life expectancy is 200 % higher than that of standard compressors.

For private use in particular, where DIY areas and workshops are often located in basements or close to living spaces, a very quiet compressor with sufficient power for one’s own uses is a sensible purchase.