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DIY video guide to wooden Formula 1 racing car

Making creative children's toys - Formula 1 racing car

Jolien Brebels makes creative children's toys out of wood in her workshop. The young Belgian has been making wooden toys for children from poor backgrounds and disabled children for a number of years. In this video, she shows us how to make a Formula 1 racing car. The scheppach OSM600 oscillating spindle sander is also there.

Jolien introduces herself


Hi, I am Jolien Brebels, founder of Creatiedroom, and I live in Belgium. I am a young woman who has been manufacturing wooden toys for charitable purposes since 2016. I document my entire history on my YouTube channel, 'Jolien Brebels'. I have been using the scheppach OSM600 oscillating spindle sander to manufacture my toys since February 2019. This sander makes my work much faster! A lot of material is sanded off in a short space of time and you can sand roundings on the inside and outside. I manufacture these toys in my free time in order to donate them to underprivileged children or people with disabilities. Thanks to the OSM600, I was able to manufacture 130 toys and I’ll keep going this year!

Thanks scheppach!

Kind regards,

Jolien Brebels

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