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The Flintstone Family car - DIY instructions

Special wooden toy – the Flintstone car

In this video, Jolien Brebels, Belgian toy designer, shows you how to build a very special toy car: Fred Flintstone’s car! Part of it, as always: our OSM600 oscillating belt and spindle sander.

Jolien introduces herself

Hi, I am Jolien Brebels, founder of Creatiedroom, and I live in Belgium. I am a young woman who has been manufacturing wooden toys for charitable purposes since 2016. I document my entire history on my YouTube channel, 'Jolien Brebels'. I have been using the scheppach OSM600 oscillating spindle sander to manufacture my toys since February 2019. This sander makes my work much faster! A lot of material is sanded off in a short space of time and you can sand roundings on the inside and outside. I manufacture these toys in my free time in order to donate them to underprivileged children or people with disabilities. Thanks to the OSM600, I was able to manufacture 130 toys and I’ll keep going this year!

Thanks scheppach!

Kind regards,
Jolien Brebels

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