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Safety when processing firewood

DIN EN1870-6:2018

Due to the increased accident statistics, the EN1870-6 standard was renewed in 2018. In order to reduce accidents when processing firewood, the tools and machines that are used must comply with the new requirements.

Since June 2018, only circular firewood saws that comply with the current standard may be sold. They have some safety advantages in comparison to the old machines that comply with the previous safety regulations. Some of these old machines are still in use.

How scheppach helped to develop the new standard

Years before entry of the new standard, the responsible trade association approached us, the scheppach company. As a manufacturer of firewood saws with decades of experience, we were asked to use our know-how for the construction of a safe firewood swivel log saw and to develop a corresponding prototype. The developed prototype exceeded all expectations in terms of safety, ergonomics and handling and served the EU standards commission as the basis for formulating the new standard. Even the patent previously registered by scheppach for the new safety functions was mentioned by name in the new standard.

What are the requirements for swivel log saws based on the current standard?
  • More safety, both for the operator of the firewood circular saw and for other persons who work with the saw
  • No direct access during the sawing process
  • No contact with the saw blade when feeding or removing the logs
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Safe transport and stable stand of the circular firewood saw when using it

The most important specifications and their implementation by scheppach:


Accidental cutting is prevented by blocking the rocker. After the cut, the rocker automatically returns to its rest position, which puts it back in the secured position. The optimally positioned pivot point of the rocker minimises the effort required when sawing and enables longer work phases. The torsional rigidity is checked in a standardised procedure.

Safety cap

The rocker must be covered with a safety cap that protects the user from wood splinters and from touching into the saw blade. When the safety cap is opened, the rocker is mechanically locked. What is more, cutting is only possible when the safety cap is completely closed. And the cap can only be opened in resting position. All scheppach swivel log saws are equipped with our patented safety cap.

Workpiece fixation

In order to limit unintended rotation of the wood during the sawing process, the workpiece support has been equipped with notches or teeth and/or a depressor.

Saw blade locking device

Access to the saw blade must be prevented in resting position when the swivel is being loaded and when cutting. For this purpose, our swivel log saws are equipped with a separating safety guard that completely covers the teeth of the saw blade in the resting position.


The stability of the swivel log saws during operation as well as during transport is tested under standardised conditions.

The best example

Do you quickly and safely want to saw huge amounts of firewood? In this case, the HS720 with 230 V or 400 V, 3000 or 7500 W and a 700 mm saw blade is the swivel log saw of choice.

  • More safety, efficiency and comfort.
  • Equipped with a movable handle to fix the cutting material in the rocker. Several logs can be sawn safely with only one single cut.
  • Safe handling with the patented protective flap
  • Fully closed sawing area
  • Stable, torsion-resistant steel frame
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Made in Germany